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Point-of-care COVID testing and other measures can make the difference in providing a safe environment for your staff, patients and customers so we’re making it easier.

DragonflyPHD helps to automate the process by providing the following features:


  • The application allows patients to set an appointment for themselves or someone they care for, depending upon dates and times you set.  As they fill up availability is adjusted.
  • Patients immediately receive a confirmation via text and email and a request to fill out an intake form related to their service, which may include insurance card images, attestation of no insurance, medical information etc. If more information is required to determine the appropriate service, there are various options for addressing this. Yo will be notified if the patient’s intake is incomplete before they arrive so you can follow up accordingly by phone or email, or when they arrive.
  • Prior to the appointment a reminder is sent via text and email
  • If NCPDP adjudication is processed ahead of the patient’s arrival, you can indicate this in the patient’s appointment record as a gating item for the appointment
  • A record of the service or test results is available securely through our application to that the patient can share the information with assurance that it is verifiable/
  • Details including manufacturer, NDC#, lot number and provider credentials are included in the record so that the patient and the provider are both aware of details required to respond to a recall or adverse event concerns.
  • A simple and flexible on-line scheduling tool/link from any website
  • Bar code system for specimen collection and processing; recommendations on best practices for processing to maximize efficiency (e.g., batch collection, refrigeration and subsequent sequential test reading)
  • Automated test result delivery via secure app to both patients and employers to ensure no fraud or changes are possible. Results can be shared privately and securely
  • Automated report generation to reflect test frequency protocol, results and track compliance with risk management protocols such as health checks
  • Automated CDC reporting and submission
  • Changes in CDC and HHS requirements, as well as local requirements, integrated into reporting
  • Automated health checks and reporting of missed checks
  • Automated test reminders on schedules decided by the user, by type etc.
  • Reminders and alerts for follow up and appropriate protocols for positive test results
  • Integration of test data from multiple sources (i.e. PCR test results, antigen and antibody test data) to provide meaningful picture of the patient and protocol adherence (coming soon)

DragonflyPHD will provide competitive pricing based upon your requirements and the features that are right for your business.  Please complete the  Prospect Form to receive a customized pricing proposal.